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Learn how to repair, donate, and shop second-hand household items.


1. Information on the Directory needs to be added, updated, or removed, how do I suggest a change? 

Suggesting a new entity or requesting an update or removal is easy. Fill out the simple forms linked below and DOEE staff will review your request and make appropriate changes to the directory. 

Click here to suggest a new entity for the directory.  
Click here to suggest an edit to an existing entity on the directory.  

2. I don’t have reliable transportation, can the items I want to donate be picked up? 

While not all donation/reuse locations in DC provide this service, a select few do! Please go to the Donation Pick-up Services page to find participating stores/organizations that provide pick-up and delivery services. 

3. Where can I learn how to repair my own items? 

Fix-It DC holds regular events where you can bring broken items and volunteer Fix-It coaches provide guidance in troubleshooting how to repair each item. 

These events not only extend the useful life of consumer goods, they create a culture of recovery and reuse by helping to shift mindsets toward considering repairing items before replacing them. Hopefully, this repair ethic will lead people to consider repairability in future purchasing decisions. 

4. I want to donate or give away an item that isn’t on the Directory, can you help? 

Yes, DOEE staff can try their best to help your item find a new home. Please email [email protected] and a member of the Donation and Reuse team will be in touch.  

Have other questions? Email the Donation and Reuse team at [email protected].