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Learn how to repair, donate, and shop second-hand household items.

Food Waste Adds Up

DOEE_FoodWasteAd_v4.pngUse the tips below to help reduce your food waste and save money! Find more information on our Food Recovery page. 


Creating meal plans before your next grocery run and meal prepping can help you save time, money, and wasted food! Find meal planning tips at


Store food appropriately to extend its life. See this guide for tips on how to store food in your fridge


Reuse scraps whenever possible. Chopping up veggies? Don’t throw those scraps in the trash! Instead, toss them in a pot with some water and boil to make veggie stock for another meal! 


Have scraps that can’t be reused? Compost them so they can be turned into soil to grow more food! Free programs include DPW’s Food Waste Drop-Off. Learn more by visiting